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National Taiwan University of Science and Technology – Indonesian Student Association

Welcome to NTUST-ISA

September 14th, 2013

Welcome to You,

Indonesian Student Association (ISA) is the name that is chosen by our former seniors, the Indonesian students who studied in National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST), as the name of this group. So, that is why it is called NTUST-ISA.

From the maturity point of view, the development of this organization is quite good.We startedeverything on late September 2004,from aninitiative action to collect the data of all Indonesian students in NTUST. And now, we arebecoming one of the largest and the most well-organized international student club in NTUST. Thanks to God and everyone involved in NTUST-ISA.

From the history point of view, NTUST-ISA wasacknowledged internallyby Indonesian students on late October 2004, and then, acknowledged formally by NTUST on late October 2005. There are so many stories that can be shared along NTUST-ISAjourney, since it is establishedfor the first time until now. And truly, we are very pleased to invite you to be a part of this journey.

It is not a matter whether this is your umpteenth experiencein going overseas or your first experience in going overseas.We encourage you to enjoy every of your moment in Taiwan and add many interestinglines in your life story with the story that will be written here. Taiwan is really a good place to open your mind and broaden your insights, to enhance your understanding and suppress your ego, and of course, to know more and worry less.


–Don’t just remember that you are Indonesians.

Don’t just remember that you are in Taiwan.

Remember that you are Indonesians in Taiwan.–


Best Regards,

NTUST-ISA Committee